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Stories for Jul. 5, 2012

Ross Levinsohn, Yahoo, EVP Americas

As Yahoo’s July 12th annual meeting approaches, it looks like the latest search for a CEO might be ending soon. Will the new board stick with interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who has been unwinding the last re-org, or go outside? Read more »

Kindle Fire with fire

Amazon is reportedly set to unveil a new version of its Kindle Fire tablet by August. A hurry-up launch could spike interest in its flagging Fire product but would also come at a time when a growing number of discount tablets are crowding the market. Read more »

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2012 All Star Final Vote Bryce Harper
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Major League Baseball is changing the rules for its contest to select the last two 2012 All-Stars, allowing tweets with official hashtags in the last four hours to equal browser or mobile votes. But can a tweet equal a site visit or SMS in value? Read more »

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Stories for Jul. 4, 2012

Rob Grimsaw and Tomas bella at paidContent 2012

At our recent paidContent 2012 conference FT’s Rob Grimshaw and Piano Media’s Tomas Bella discuss not just the future of online content payments, but also how to most effectively price your content when there are free alternatives elsewhere. Read more »

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Twitter Bird perched on gavel
photo: Shutterstock Composition: Bird via basel101658 / Gavel via Alexander A. Sobolev

In a closely-watched case tied to last year’s Occupy Wall Street protests, a New York judge ruled that tweets are no different from words shouted in the street and ordered Twitter to turn over a user’s account to prosecutors. Read more at GigaOM » heat map 7-2-12

The largest weather news and information provider is about to get bigger. The Weather Channel Companies, owner of the cable network and, is acquiring , is acquiring San Francisco-based Weather Underground with a pledge to keep the oldest internet weather brand going. Read more »

Stories for Jul. 1, 2012


With its channels now officially pulled off the programming guides of Dish’s 14 million U.S. subscribers, AMC gets straight to the point: This dispute has nothing to do with ratings or fees and everything to do with unrelated litigation, the programmer said Saturday night. Read more »

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