Stories for Jun. 18, 2012

Amazon Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos

On Friday the State Department announced that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos would hold a press conference to announce the Kindle Mobile Learning Initiative this Wednesday, June 20. Now the event has been postponed until an unspecified “later date.” In the […] Read more »

Vevo screen grab

Once the fastest growing content supplier in the online video business, Vevo has seen its U.S. internet audience shrink by 20 percent over the last year, according to numbers released Monday by comScore. The measurement, however, does not reflect migration to mobile platforms. Read more »

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new Twitter logo

It has been fairly obvious for a few years that the search-driven, URL-centric web would converge with the web of social objects. It’s something that drives Google’s paranoia and something Facebook dreams about. However, the company most likely to capture the opportunity is Twitter, Read more at GigaOM »

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Stories for Jun. 17, 2012
Stories for Jun. 16, 2012

Huxley_Abode of Chaos

After years away, Rags Gupta returned to online publishing only to discover a brave new world in advertising. But although the formats, tools and technologies have changed, there are truisms that continue to hold. Gupta warns that we would be well-advised to remember them. Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for Jun. 15, 2012


Defunct Web 1.0-era VOD company Intertainer continues to file patent suits, alleging Viacom transgresses its technology when streams shows like Spongebob Squarepants. Intertainer is currently litigating with Hulu and has a 10-year history of filing complaints and winning settlements. Read more »


Disney’s new iOS apps let youthful Comcast Xfinity subscribers watch live feeds and a limited video-on-demand selection of their favorite shows on iPads and iPhones. Missing is the catalog depth found on Netflix. Is Disney trying to carve space for its licensing partner, a cable-industry rival? Read more »

Late this morning, the Wall Street Journal began streaming an interview with a haggard-looking David Axelrod to browsers and mobile devices across the land. The senior adviser to President Obama was appearing on the inaugural episode of “DC Bureau,” the latest addition to the Journal’s ever-expanding collection of live video offerings. Read more »

YouView logo, chairman Kip Meek, CEO Richard Halton
photo: YouView

For what its worth at this point, the much delayed big UK IPTV joint venture YouView may finally be ready to meet a version of its revised and somewhat arbitrary target of launching in time for the London 2012 Olympics. Read more »

Stories for Jun. 14, 2012

broken tv

This week, both Dailymotion and Metacafe got acquired, ending the independence of two sites that at one time went head-to-head with YouTube, competing for the attention of users uploading their homemade videos. This made us wonder: Whatever did happen to all those other once-promising YouTube competitors? Read more at GigaOM »

What do you get when you hire over-educated writers and ask them to make a muck-raking tabloid for professionals? In the case of Breaking Media, you get a lucrative audience of badly-behaved lawyers and bankers. Read more »

Cord cutting / cutting the cord
photo: Shutterstock / artenot

Briefing investors on the value proposition offered by the Barry Diller-backed Aereo, Barclays media analyst Anthony DiClemente questions the savings — and fundemental value proposition — of replacing pay TV with over-the-top services. Read more »

ABC News iPad Evening Edition

The distinctive three-dimensional globe is giving way to a new three-edition iPad app strategy for ABC News. The new version relies not on ideas about what iPad users might want — as was the case when it first launched in July 2010 — but on nearly two years of usage. Read more »


Conservative media icon Matt Drudge has long had a regular cast of villains — from global warming to the Obama administration — that appear on his website. In the last year, Google appears to have joined the ranks of these in-house bugbears. Read more »

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