Stories for Jun. 7, 2012

Hayes and Zigler2

NBC entertainment president Robert Greenblatt recruits another one of his former Showtime underlings, Robert Hayes, to run digital operations. Under a re-structuring, digital — which had been under the watch of NBC Broadcasting chairman Ted Harbert — will now be Greenblatt’s purview. Read more »

new Twitter logo

Twitter has raised more money from mobile advertising than web advertising in many instances this past quarter, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo said Tuesday, demonstrating the platform’s success at earning mobile dollars in comparison to peers like Facebook by allowing advertisers to purchase promoted Tweets and hashtags. Read more at GigaOM »

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Stories for Jun. 6, 2012


Ray Bradbury’s landmark novel Fahrenheit 451 is usually seen as a protest against government censorship, but the author said it was about how television and other media were making people less interested in ideas. What would Bradbury think of the world we live in now? Read more at GigaOM »

Charlie Redmayne, Pottermore CEO

When it comes to selling e-books, the Harry Potter franchise is far from conventional: Pottermore has been selling JK Rowling’s Harry Potter e-books without digital rights protection. Why? Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne answers that and more in a paidContent 2012 interview with Laura Hazard Owen. Read more »


User engagement can be a very slippery statistic. Although sites and apps like to talk about how fast their unique visitors are growing, it’s more important to know how many of those users are actually using the site regularly. Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for Jun. 5, 2012


Shareholders vote overwhelmingly to change the company’s classified board status, which features various members serving staggered terms of differing lengths, into a standard structure in which members come up for vote every year. While non-binding, the vote could leave Netflix more open to takeover. Read more »

caution books_quinn.anya

IPG, the Chicago-based distributor that recently made news due to its battle over terms with Amazon, has announced that it will offer its roughly 400 client publishers the option to publish their books DRM-free. Three months ago, Amazon yanked over 5,000 IPG titles from the Kindle […] Read more »


Business relationships, like personal ones, go through ups and downs. The big difference is that business relationships involve money, which changes everything. That’s why you need to partner with the right co-founders. Lisa Stone, co-founder of BlogHer shares her tips for picking the right one(s). Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for Jun. 4, 2012

Keyvan Peymani

The agency hires away Warner Bros. executive Keyvan Peymani to lead its newly christened digital strategy team. The firm is looking to diversify from just representing YouTube stars and transition into the more profitable area of incubating tech-media start-ups. Former digital head George Ruiz exits. Read more »


Google announced Monday that it has purchased Meebo, the social media and advertising company, to add a team of engineers and some publisher-friendly social tools to its Google+ efforts. Meebo’s CEO, CTO and engineers from its product team will remain with Google after the completed purchase. Read more at GigaOM »

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