Stories for May. 29, 2012
Stories for May. 28, 2012
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thumbtacks and paper_Marcus Jeffrey

In his post yesterday, David Galbraith shared lessons from his experience launching Wists, a visual bookmarking website that predated Pinterest. Today, Galbraith looks at the general history of visual bookmarks and grid sites that paved the way for Pinterest’s $1.5 billion valuation. Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for May. 27, 2012


David Galbraith may get too much credit for developing RSS, but the one thing that he unashamedly claims to have invented is visual bookmarking. The creator of the visual bookmarking website Wists reflects on why Pinterest took off and Wists was left in the dust. Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for May. 26, 2012
Stories for May. 25, 2012
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Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

Here are some of the stories people are talking about this morning: 5 key takeaways from paidContent 2012 (paidContent) …
NBCU Exploring Buyback of (AdWeek) … Read more »

phil defranco yt stars

Philip DeFranco’s new YouTube channel Sourcefed clocked 100 million views since it launched three months ago as part of YouTube’s new channel roll-out. But with YouTube focusing on professional content, smaller producers could be left behind. That’s why DeFranco wants to share the stage with them. Read more at GigaOM »

Stories for May. 24, 2012

Brian Bedol Rob Burnett Lisa Gersh paidContent 2012

It’s all about the platform — except when it isn’t: Speakers at paidContent 2012 spoke about the opportunities, challenges and constraints of creating digital content. Read more »

Mathew Ingram, Vivian Schiller, Josh Marshall at paidContent 2012

Several hundred execs filled The TimesCenter Wednesday for a day of intense conversation and discovery (on stage and off) about the current state of digital content online… and where we’re headed. But paidContent 2012 is just the beginning. Read more »

Stories for May. 23, 2012


Just what do you call a company that hurts and helps your business at the same time? With Netflix draining ratings for some programs, spiking the performance of others, and all the while increasing broadband sales, Cox Communications’ Patrick Esser came up with the perfect term. Read more »

Brian Bedol Rob Burnett Lisa Gersh paidContent 2012

The killer asset in the video age is widely believed to be a large library full of content that can be sold, licensed and re-distributed onto emerging platforms. But media executives Rob Burnett and Lisa Gersh had different opinions at paidContent 2012. Read more »

Mathew Ingram, Vivian Schiller, Josh Marshall at paidContent 2012

With each passing elections season, we’re seeing more how social media is changing the political news coverage business. It’s not just sped up the news cycle, but it’s helped kill it, said Josh Marshall, editor and publisher of, at paidContent2012. Read more »

Jon Miller News Corp. paidContent 2012

Amid growing speculation that Hulu doesn’t fit the TV Everywhere goals of its media-conglomerate parents, News Corp.’s digital chief said at paidContent 2012 direct-to-consumer businesses like the streaming service are essential for survival. Read more »

conde nast 2

It can be a scary world out there for modern media companies, but it’s actually very simple, according to Conde Nast president Bob Sauerberg. “If content is going to remain king, we have got to innovate,” Sauerberg said Wednesday at paidContent 2012, urging attendees to spend […] Read more »

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