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Sony and 14 major publishing, printing and newspaper companies in Japan are planning a new eBook business that will focus on rental service… Read more »

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(sub. req.): FT does a story on Sony, following the announcement of the upheaval/restructuring at the company…The second meteorite [for So… Read more »

SoapCity, the online soaps download site from Sony, has added more classic soaps into its stable: episodes from the archives of “The Young a… Read more »

(via Frank Barnako): Sony Group plans to launch an online music service, for users of its consumer electronics and mobile devices….Sony’s… Read more »

Creative culture, killer products, zealous fans, and Steve Jobs. Memo to Sony: Bite! “Fact is, [Sony's] Idei needs a bold stroke, or his day… Read more »

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Qwest Communications is bundling Sony games and entertainment with its DSL service–called MSN Broadband powered by Qwest–in an attempt to… Read more »

Sony Pictures Mobile has announced a major new deal with Vodafone that will add Sony Pictures content to Vodafone Live! service. Vodafone Li… Read more »

Yep, its finally online…Sony has quietly released “Stars Wars Galaxies,” the long-awaited online game based on the movie series. “Galaxies… Read more »

SoapCity, the soaps download site run by Sony, has finished its two-month marketing trial runs in St. Louis and Indianapolis…these cities… Read more »

Sony has unveiled a game machine on Wednesday, the “PSX,” that puts a TV tuner, DVD recorder and game player in a single box.
For brilliant… Read more »

(subscription required): Screenblast, Sony Pictures Digital’s online service for consumer-created content, has unveiled a premium subscripti… Read more »

Electronics giant Sony has been eying the handheld gaming market for years but held off until technology and the market were right, a compan… Read more »

Sony Online Entertainment has introduced plans for an all-encompassing subscription service that’ll allow gamers access to all of the compan… Read more »

Sony has bought off the desktop software assets of Sonic Foundry, the company that helped develop core software for Sony’s own broadband ser… Read more »

Sony Corp shocked investors on Thursday by falling far short of earnings targets and projecting a profit slide, blaming war worries and a co… Read more »

Sony is developing a plasma screen television set that’s intended to tune in streaming video from home networks and the Internet as easily a… Read more »

Less than nine months after its launch, Sony’s PlayStation 2 Internet adapter, which enables online gaming, has sold almost one million unit… Read more »

Sony’s CEO Unplugged: Whatever Perkins says, take it with a fistful of salt: this is NOT a rare interview, as the story declares: in fact, S… Read more »

Sony Backs Rival MusicNet: Sony Music, co-owner of the Pressplay online music service, has provided funding to rival service MusicNet. This… Read more »

The Complete Home Entertainer?: “Sony is pursuing the other big idea in the media giants’ growth strategy: vertical integration. But once ag… Read more »

Sony Is Venturing Into Online Games for Multitudes: Sony plans to use grid computing, a concept that originated in supercomputing centers, t… Read more »

This, I have to say, is a bit of a milestone. Sony’s is offering digital versions of two popular daytime programs over the Inte… Read more »

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