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photo: Flickr / fotojos

Sony (NYSE: SNE) has agreed to put Google’s Chrome browser on new Vaio PCs in the first of what is likely to be several distribution deals t… Read more »

Sony Ericsson's PlayNow Arena
photo: Sony Ericsson

Sony (NYSE: SNE) Ericsson (NSDQ: ERIC) has approved its first swath of applications for its new PlayNow Arena app store, which it launched j… Read more »

IPL Cheerleaders
photo: AP Images

Days after it said that IPL was hastening the death of test cricket, it has emerged that the venerated London-based MCC (Marylebone Cricket… Read more »

Cheap Sprint Netbook

»  Sprint (NYSE: S) has started subsidizing netbooks for nearly nothing. Will AT&T (NYSE: T) and Verizon (NYSE: VZ) follow? [JK On… Read more »

Google SMS In Africa
photo: Flickr / whiteafrican

»  Google (NSDQ: GOOG) doesn’t think you need a fancy phone to get information at your fingertips, just SMS service. [TechCrunch]… Read more »

»  CQ’s sale to rival Roll Call, part of The Economist Group, seems like a done deal. What will happen after the merger? [Politico… Read more »

»  With a market valuation of $419 million and $370 million in cash, is incremental innovation for the sake of it, and fighting bi… Read more »

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