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We Love Mobile

Numbers out this morning from the Office of National Statistics in the UK give us the most up-to-date picture yet of the growing role mobile… Read more »

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Morning Lowdown
photo: Corbis / Patricia Curi

»  Twitter app developers have seen a 50 percent cut in early-stage investment over the past year — though it’s not clear if that… Read more »

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Playboy Shadow

Playboy Enterprises (NYSE: PLA) posted slightly better-than-expected results in Q2, as company watchers continued to wonder about Playboy fo… Read more »

Playboy Eyes

Playboy (NYSE: PLA) President Alex Vaickus opened up the company’s Q4 earnings call with a big “thank you” to pop singer John Mayer, whose c… Read more »

Marge Simpson Playboy cover
photo: shannonpatrick17

Playboy (NYSE: PLA) Enterprises’ hopes for a planned sale were dashed during Q4, as its revenue troubles continued as well. As the company’s… Read more »

»  *Amazon* taps its inner *Apple*, but Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) could be the one to stop Kindle’s march cold. Great read. [FastCompany]… Read more »

»  With a market valuation of $419 million and $370 million in cash, is incremental innovation for the sake of it, and fighting bi… Read more »

Richard Branson is throwing cold water on the word that Virgin Group was considering a bid for Playboy Enterprises (NYSE: PLA). A spokespers… Read more »

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