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Adult Cable, Net Provider Cuts Jobs: So it happens to adult companies as well: adult Internet and cable-TV company New Frontier Media, has a… Read more »

WES Ogles U.S. Market For Playmates: The Playboy Playmates are coming to mobile phones in North America. That’s according to Wireless Enter… Read more »

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Net Gambling Bill Fans E-cash Fears: “After seven years of trying, lawmakers are widely expected to crack down on illegal Internet gambling… Read more »

O2 Unveils Protection Plan for Mobile Adult Content: O2 has launched a formal consumer protection scheme for the introduction of mobile adul… Read more »

P*r-n Strategy: Share and Snare: The p*r-n industry is learning a lesson the music industry refuses to hear: Piracy doesn’t have to be a dir… Read more »

Mobile P*r-n ‘Could Generate £2.5bn’: A more elaborate story on the statement by the CEO of Private Media Group, reported yesterday. He rec… Read more »

Mobile firms eye ‘Playboy’ services: Something which was only a matter of time: Mobile phone companies in UK are turning to soft porn in a b… Read more »

Press O for Orgasm–Audio Erotica Goes Wireless: This one is interesting (perhaps I should start an “adult paid content” category, though tr… Read more »

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Revenues from the Adult Content Industry: eMarketer estimates the revenues from the adult content industry, and reports on the challenges in… Read more »

Private Media Group to Launch Adult Content Chip for PDAs: As usual, the adult industry is two steps ahead of the mainstream media companies… Read more »

Credit Cards Start Charging New Fee From Adult Subscription Sites: does a fascinating story on how credit card companies are now… Read more »

RealNetworks’ May Consider Porn, Again: After a rather public backtracking few months ago on plans to start an adult channel on RealNetworks… Read more »

RealNetworks Denies Planning for Adult Content: This one went down the drain faster than you could say cheese. RealNetworks has denied that… Read more »

Prepaid Cards for Adult Content?: Toronto-based Yourbrain Media has launched pre-paid cards for access to adult content. The card, which wor… Read more »

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