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“Most traffic today is still directed to the mobile operator portals of Vodafone, O2, Orange, T-Mobile, and others, who offer walled-garden… Read more »

This article argues that the dominance of the mobile content market by carriers in Japan will end with the introduction of number portabilit… Read more »

New Media Maze has launched an interesting viral advertising campaign for the DVD of The Ring Two. Visitors to the site are invited to scare… Read more »

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Mobile companies are switching their sponsorship from sports events to music festivals in the belief that it offers a better window into the… Read more »

There’s a lot of excitement about using mobile phones as a marketing channel, and rightly so – the mobile phone offers an unparalleled chanc… Read more »

According to the Newspaper Association of America estimates, total newspaper ad revenues – both print and online – are projected to reach $1… Read more »

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Russell over at MobHappy reports — in a fairly scathing way — on some research conducted by McKinsey. When asked the question “Would you a… Read more »

The Weather Channel has been in the mobile market for a while, selling weather info via premium SMS for 75c. Eventually the company wants to… Read more »

A bunch of companies have set up four 2.2 meter high illuminated blue columns at this year’s Games Convention in Leipzig which will use Blue… Read more »

Do two make a trend? Warner Brothers’ “Batman Begins” came with its own Firefox theme and Wednesday Time Warner sibling HBO will start distr… Read more »

AEI Mobile have started a “guess the voice in the ringtone” competition…Mr Boo Bee Doo is voiced by “a multi-million selling artist who’s… Read more »

HarperCollins has launched an SMS fan club for author Meg Cabot, who writes the teen novels Princess Diaries, All-American Girl sequel “Read… Read more »

This has got nothing to do with mobile phones…yet. Japanese owners of WipEout Pure for the Playstation Portable will reportedly soon be ab… Read more »

UK operator 3 is moving into viral marketing…sort of. Viral marketer Kontraband has tapped 3G video specialist Sceneworx to do the deal, w… Read more »

The use of bluetooth (or less commonly, infrared) technology to deliver mobile content to phones from billboards, posters and other advertis… Read more »

Online ad firm Tremor Network is preparing to launch a contextual video ad network, and parent company ARG Holdings has bought design studio… Read more »

AskJeeves has made the switch: it is launching an upstart advertising network powered by its own search engine, a move likely to rankle its… Read more »

A new internet banner ad developed by Tangozebra enables users to “enter their phone number directly into the ad to get a 30-second video tr… Read more »

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