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Here is some interesting commentary about advertising in a world with more mobiles than computers, televisions or landlines…
“The smart ad… Read more »

Last month, 20th Century Fox signed a deal with Loews Cineplex Entertainment to distribute movie trailers, ringtones and pictures through k… Read more »

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Red Fig is a UK company focusing on interactive TV, has launched a service designed to support TV ads through mobile phones…”The service i… Read more »

Mforma scored the mobile content rights to the latest superhero comic-turned-movie, the Fantastic Four. What differentiates this suite of mo… Read more »

The NYT picks up yet another effort to remake the banner ad space — interactive ads targeted by page content. But if you build it will they… Read more »

Jenny Jet is an interactive sci-fi adventure using a variety of channels to publish the story… “Featuring Alien Greys, Reptoids, the Feds,… Read more »

The latest survey on internet behavior by the Pew American & Internet Life Project shows increasing user awareness about spyware accompanied… Read more »

Bollywood filmmakers are increasingly turning to mobile content to promote their movies as well as to recover some of the costs. “The film m… Read more »

Infospace has announced a marketing channel for its “For Prizes” multiplayer tournament games. “The channel allows marketers an innovative n… Read more »

Here’s the money quote from AP’s David Bauder: “Television seemed shockingly old-fashioned in how it followed Saturday’s worldwide concert f… Read more »

MOHAP (mobile phone applications) has developed a system which allows WAP pages to deliver ads that are “full screen, color, and completely… Read more »

Although most mobile advertising around the globe is still SMS-based, there are some other methods gaining traction, which this article goes… Read more »

MashUp Media Entertainment — which represents DJ’s and artists — and Mobile Operandi, which has applications that deliver content to mobil… Read more »

(by Dorian Benkoil) There was a lot of talk at the Kagan summit about ad insertion but no real resolution. Do users want 5-second pre-stream… Read more »

Strategy Analytics has released a report have released a report, Advertising on the Fourth Screen: Opt-In to Dominate Mobile Marketing Spen… Read more »

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