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A study by Openwave has found that the cost of downloading content is inhibiting many users from doing so, but they would be happy to downlo… Read more »

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This is pretty interesting…a Japanese store is using QR Codes as a promotional gimmick.
“Shoppers navigated through the area towards a goa… Read more »

“Mobile content provider Mobile Commerce has secured a deal with search marketing firm Overture to launch a mobile travel deals search servi… Read more »

The death of cinemas has long been predicted with claims that people will download movies free from BitTorrent — ignoring some pretty signi… Read more »

Daryl Arnold, the CEO of digital marketing agency Profero, has some insights on digital advertising on mobiles. “If you talk about digital Read more »

Following the fuss over Google being valued higher than Time Warner by the market-cap measure, offers a solidly cynical look at… Read more »

Julie Ask (of the Ringback Experiment fame) has noted that Versaly Entertainment is supporting the mobile content portal of SoBe, a beverage… Read more »

AOL CEO Jonathan F. Miller tells BusinessWeek: “There’s no return to the walled garden whatsoever. This gives the company a chance to play i… Read more »

Rishad Tobaccowala, chief innovation officer at Publicis Groupe Media and president of SMG Next, predicts that rising digital media costs ev… Read more »

Google is targeting B2B with a Millward Brown study that shows how search advertising can be more effective than traditional trade journals,… Read more »

The 1Q05 online ad spend increased to $1.9 billion, up 8.2 percent over the first quarter of 2004. That represents 5.7 percent of the total… Read more »

To the Wall Street Journal, the launch of “highlights how the booming online ad market has revived the fortunes of once-downtrodden W… Read more »

Cringe at the blatant commercialism if you will, but the Korean’s are ahead of most of the world on most mobile content matters, and I belie… Read more »

Scripps may lead the pack when it comes to adding commercial broadband layers to existing content. The latest effort is, a new br… Read more »

This is an interesting article about what the author sees as two distinct groups of mobile content buyers — referred to as ‘passive’ and ‘a… Read more »

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