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To some observers, two of Google’s latest moves — the personalized home page and My Search History — help answer the company’s need to kno… Read more »

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FinancialContent, Inc. will provide stock market data to Interactive Taxi, a 600-plus fleet of cabs with touchscreen video displays in the b… Read more »

Literally and figuratively. MarketingSherpa warns against (pay link after 5/23) using RSS as a substitute for email and AdRants warns agains… Read more »

The Sunday edition of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch included a full-page glossy insert from SBC offering “Big time entertainment! One low pric… Read more »

Nike has launched its first full WAP site for its global Nike Showdown street skills initiative, where people send in videos of themselves s… Read more »

This is a pretty smart move by Vodafone, and a pretty intense exercise in product placement. A new street racing game from THQ Wireless –… Read more »

The History Channel has launched a mobile website, allowing visitors to “access quizzes, trivia, and programming information via their smart… Read more »

Lightningcast has announced the launch of its Mobile Video Advertising Solution, which allows mobile video providers to “seamlessly and dyna… Read more »

Nike have developed a way to let people customize their own shoes, and are promoting it on the Reuters sign in Times Square. Passersby can “… Read more »

Sony’s new PSP, with its vivid video, sleek design and hot sales, could be an answer for advertisers and marketers chasing increasingly elus… Read more »

Hard to turn around without seeing an online advertising story these days. Here are a few:– Internet Ads Click With Firms; Some Shift Budge… Read more »

According to the New York Post, Cherolet has signed a sponsorship deal with AOL Music worth about $5 million. Chevy will sponsor AOL Music S… Read more »

The IAB issued its analysis of online advertising in 2004, reporting revenues up totaling over $9.6 billion, nearly 33 percent over 2003. Th… Read more »

Ann Summers (a high street store that sexual toys and things) has launched a WAP site featuring a downloadable voucher offering £5 off a £… Read more »

Buongiorno Vitaminic has signed PR and marketing agencies Naked Communications, Point Blank, Carat, Henry’s House and Posterscape to promote… Read more »

“Media agency MediaCom has embarked on an initiative to measure response rates from mobile marketing against other media – a move that the a… Read more »

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