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“Vodafone has signed up to be the first sponsor of an Australian mobile soap opera in an ambush marketing deal designed to put its brand on… Read more »

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ZKid Network has is negotiating to put its “safe internet surfing” service on mobile phones. Michael DeMaio, the head of creative marketing… Read more »

Many in the mobile industry believe that content is what will keep the revenue of mobile operators growing in the future — which is a probl… Read more »

Major advertising agencies including WPP Group, Aegis and Omnicom are on the lookout to acquire or partner with a mobile marketing agency. “… Read more »

Canadian companies Digital Youth Network and Pacific Newspaper Group (publisher of The Province) have teamed up to offer a “Mobile On Demand… Read more »

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As mobiles become increasingly important as a content channel, they also become increasingly important as an advertising channel. This artic… Read more »

This is another interesting thing I found today while looking at Yahoo’s jobs list…it is looking for a product director for a new initiati… Read more »

NTT DoCoMo has demonstrated digital binoculars at Expo 2005 that “will recognise certain objects and details about them will appear in the e… Read more »

Alatto is trialling a WAP content discovery service with four European operators that allows users to store addresses of WAP pages they like… Read more »

I’m sure you’ve all received messages inviting you to join (which stands for “Short Message Service, Always Connected”). I’ve receive… Read more »

The National Telecommunications Commission in the Philippines has released guidelines on mobile spam. Unfortunately, the writer of the artic… Read more »

This is an interesting concept… “Each day, high-value and desirable items can be bought for pennies by submitting the lowest unique bid vi… Read more »

An interview with Ken Goldstein, executive VP and managing director of Disney Online, on the company’s video efforts…
“What we’ve seen cha… Read more »

Online advertising firm DoubleClick, which is suffering from pricing pressures from online advertisers, said it had hired Lazard Freres & Co… Read more »

Dave Morgan has some good advice on targeting ads: “It’s not enough to say, ‘Ads are the cost of doing business,’ if consumers want free con… Read more »

Some publishers, still clinging to the ad revenue from pop-ups, are exploiting a workaround in IE and other browsers to send pop-up ads desp… Read more »

Targeted advertising on TV is getting major interest from VCs now…Most cable operators plan to make household-level TV advertising availab… Read more »

ContextWeb stepped into a crowded ring of contextual advertising solutions, with the launch of ContextAd, and news of $3 million in venture… Read more »

A detailed state-of-the market story on the UK online ad market…”What happens, in a few years time, when the ordinary person thinks of loo… Read more »

Sales from online advertising hit $4.6 billion in the first half of 2004, up more than 40 percent from the same period the previous year…A… Read more »

Like rival, it is going with Revenue Science…Eight segments have been identified for advertisers: Business Education, Institutiona… Read more »

Digital media distribution firm DG Systems has acquired TV commercial database company Source TV.
Source TV, headquartered in Boca Raton, F… Read more »

In a move that will bring TV commercial-like advertising to the online business publishers, Unicast has announced deals with four top busine… Read more »

The sell-side online ad meme continues….
Jeff Jarvis elaborates on it: “It gives the advertiser, the publisher, and the reader all more co… Read more »

Two related conversations are going on about ad models and its relevance to publishers and bloggers:
– The first one is a theory by John Ba… Read more »

Cross-media ad sales are great in theory, but hard to pull off in practice. The team at, MSNBC cable, and NBC News are working to… Read more »

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