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Cross-media ad sales are great in theory, but hard to pull off in practice. The team at, MSNBC cable, and NBC News are working to… Read more »

Adam Pennenberg gets something right, for once. Stop mixing advertising within writing copy…(despite his main point, he still manages to s… Read more »

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This Economist story builds on the VSS report I mentioned earlier this week…the gist of the report, which is causing a lot of hubub: For t… Read more »

Well, sorta. The US Interactive Advertising Bureau has questioned the decision of the UK IAB to focus on creating a single audience measurem… Read more »

NYT picks up the story by DMNews yesterday: is now putting in ad links within the text o stories, using a service called IntelliT… Read more »

FastCompany’s characteristically breathless story on the future of contextual and behavioral targeting and advertising… Read more »’s GM Charlie Tillinghast believes advertising on its video clips will be a significant contributor to sales over the next 12 month… Read more »

“Video compression technology has improved dramatically. Once-humongous files can now be pared down to acceptable sizes. Data-streaming tech… Read more »

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(sub. req.): Major League Baseball’s online arm is taking a stand against “spyware,” warning that it won’t sign deals with companies who rel… Read more »

I am not sure if I should burst out laughing at the ridiculousness of the idea, or give kudos for an idea which has a right mix of permissio… Read more »

The broadcast TV upfronts may be winding down, but work for the big three Internet networks is probably just beginning. Broadband video sale… Read more »

(via Micropersuasion) Tom Hespos does a great service to our emerging media (yes, I’m biased), by laying out some ground rules on how advert… Read more »

The death of the CPM is greatly exaggerated. Exaggerated and, over time, even irrelevant…. Read more »

“When an advertiser pays five times the price of run-of-site to buy a contextually targeted ad, what are they actually paying for? They are… Read more »

“Clearly the top line numbers suggest that some sort of boom is occurring online…For the time being, it seems that both the spending and t… Read more »

More coverage from AdTech in SF…two technologies, ad targeting and broadband/on-demand, are making a comeback, some say with a vengeance..… Read more »

The Interactive Advertising Bureau said that online advertising rose to $2.3 billion in the first three months of the year, marking “the hig… Read more »

The movement towards contexutal ads in content…latest developments in the field, including such ads in mobile content, RSS etc… Read more »

Online publishers–and more importantly, advertisers–are getting serious about streaming video and other video formats on the Web.
A commer… Read more »

If you’re saying “Claria who?”, hold one…this is the renamed Gator (which of course makes it sounds like a Phrma company).
Claria, whose… Read more »

An advertising market is beginning to evolve in RSS, discovers this story (!)…
You’ve read about ads in RSS before here, but Joi Ito bris… Read more »

This is not a new technology…it has been around for some time, despite company spin…and it is deplorable…
And use alternative browsers… Read more »

Online marketing firm filed with SEC on Friday for an initial public offering valued at up to $100 million.
Goldman Sachs, D… Read more »

Internet marketers are promising a new generation of online advertising “lite” that’s more effective and less annoying than some current bra… Read more »

(sub. req.): WSJ claims this means that online ads are getting more creative…[M]arketers “are starting to think about this medium as enter… Read more »

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