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Concert Audience - fans at a concert
photo: Corbis / Tim Tadder

Media companies have collectively spent billions of dollars on content management systems.  As they upgraded their offline businesses to the digital world, they turned to big enterprise systems to organize their content in an orderly digital database.  And whether via internal systems or a purchased system,  […] Read more »

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Blinkx CEO Suranga Chandratillake

As the online video opportunity booms, video index and advertising firm Blinkx is growing fast – but not quite as fast as had been expected, as revenue for the last 12 months fell slightly behind analysts’ expectations.. Read more »

Scott Thompson
photo: PayPal

The news that’s been telegraphed for weeks is done: Yahoo is laying off 2,000 staffers, 14.1 percent of its workforce, as new CEO Scott Thompson remakes the business around the buzzwords smaller, nimbler, core, best in class. Thompson isn’t close to finished. Read more »

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