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Not that this was a surprise: Amp’d Canada, the JV with Telus, is alo dead, four month after it launched there.Telus, which handled distribu… Read more »

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So it seems, after a revised FAQ on the Amp’d website tonight. LAT is also reporting the same. So July 31 it is then. Read more »

The teaser campaign TV ads for Amp’d Mobile (done in last 2005 before they launched last year) will go down in history as the most ironicall… Read more »

Details are up here now on the Amp’d website and the customers are being told about it later today, through text messages. The service will… Read more »

As I mentioned earlier today, things are a lot bleaker for Amp’d with no debtor-in-possession financing in place. The company has filed with… Read more »

The New York Times has drawn a fairly long bow by reporting that “Amp’d Mobile’s filing for protection from bankruptcy on June 1 may have on… Read more »

There are some parallels being drawn between Amp’d and Virgin, which isn’t going to help the latter’s planned IPO. Of course, Amp’d is also… Read more »

–Amp’d Bankruptcy: Verizon Played Key Role In Timing; Threatened To Shut Off Service
–Amp’d Bankruptcy: By The Numbers: ‘Liquidity Crisis’… Read more »

Unscripted programmng channel Fox Reality has made its first move into mobile by providing up to four hours of daily content to Amp’d. This… Read more »

Amp’d will start selling Motorola’s Q smartphone next month, but the interesting part is that the handset comes with Sling Media’s SlingPlay… Read more »

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