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More details on the first Android phone are leaking out now that the phone is nearly here. The HTC-manufactured device, using the Google (NS… Read more »

With the Linux operating system gaining speed and eight new handsets being announced this week for a total of 22, critics are starting to wo… Read more »

Google’s (NSDQ: GOOG) Android platform is probably on time — that is, if you define “during the second-half of this year” as the very last… Read more »

A demo of the latest Android user interface has hit the web — Android Community has a lot of screenshots and some video of a demo in a conf… Read more »

There have been rumors of Dell entering the mobile handset market for a while now, but speculation is mounting that the company will team up… Read more »

A La Mobile, a Linux-based mobile devices firm based in San Ramon, CA, says it is launching the first Android-based suite of applications, a… Read more »

A “sizable number” of developers have complained that the Android tool kit is “plagued by coding errors” reports the Wall Street Journal, al… Read more »

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