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Tim Armstrong
photo: Corbis / Ramin Talaie

Patch, the networks of sites that was supposed to bring local news to every community in the country, is set to shrink significantly. This reveals – again – why the business for local news business online doesn’t work. Read more »

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This week marks the 21st anniversary of the world’s first website, and as new social-web platforms like Twitter and Facebook spend more and more of their energy trying to control and monetize their networks, it’s worth remembering some of the choices that the web’s creator made. Read more at GigaOM »


Aol has been in turnaround mode for years — this time, it looks like the turns are in the right direction. Advertising up, revenue decline almost flat, subscription churn lowest in a decade, latest re-org underway. Read more »


Cable and broadband business veteran Lou Borrelli will head marketing for a start-up trying to make good on the promise of TV Everywhere. NimbleTV wants to make multi-channel subscribers pay a fee on top of what they’re already shelling out to stream their video anywhere. Read more »


The 650 patents that Facebook acquired from Microsoft are “web-related” said a source with knowledge of the deal and listed some specific examples. The source said the portfolio includes patents related to: instant-messaging, e-commerce, LTE, mobile, handsets, search and advertising. Read more »

Mark Zuckerberg
photo: Background: Shutterstock/Thomas Pajot & Zuckerberg: Jason McELweenie/Flickr

Facebook announced today that it will pay $550 million for the right to 650 patents and patent applications from Microsoft.

Microsoft acquired those patents and hundreds of others in a deal with AOL earlier this month. Read more »

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