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America Online has announced a licensing agreement with On2 Technologies that will let AOL deliver On2-encoded digital video to a wide range… Read more »

AOL and Infinity, the radio station holding company, will team up in a unique cross-marketing campaign to share and broadcast each other’s c… Read more »

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AOL has moved into some sort of competition with telecom companies. It unveiled its latest paid service, which lets subscribers listen to v… Read more »

America Online is expected to announce that it will replace RealNetworks with Dolby as the default audio streaming technology for its narrow… Read more »

IDC has said Microsoft had abandoned its goal of trying to overtake America Online as the largest online service. “MSN,” the report states,… Read more »

A good comparison of how Yahoo Platinum multi-media subscription service might challenge America Online’s own broadband strategy. “Yahoo’s f… Read more »

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AOL’s Sessions’ Moves Offline to TV: AOL and MuchMusic USA signed a deal to move the popular broadband online music program “Sessions@AOL” o… Read more »

AOL Aims to Cash In on Instant Messenger Success: “AOL has begun trying to sell specialized versions of IM to businesses. For example, it ha… Read more »

AOL Time Warner: Spinning off Synergy: A long case study on how AOL TW’s goal for “synergistic” products is only being fulfilled by its book… Read more »

AOL Offering Music Catalog for Downloads: America Online will introduce a service today that lets users download and listen to a large catal… Read more »

AOL to entice users with access to CNN: America Online plans to offer high-speed subscribers free access to CNN’s video news services beginn… Read more »

Is AOL’s BYOA Price Too High?: AOL is about to start pushing its Bring Your Own Access broadband service, but some say the price is too high… Read more »

AOL To Debut Ads for Music Service During Grammy: AOL will break two 30-second TV spots promoting its AOL Music on Broadband content Feb. 23… Read more »

AOL Tightens Integration of Time Warner Content: “Two years after America Online and Time Warner merged, the two sides finally are working t… Read more »

AOL-Microsoft? Not Likely, Just Logical: A speculative story on whether MSFT can buy America Online from AOL TW. “Scan the landscape of pote… Read more »

Analysts: No surprises in store from AOL: Wall Street doesn’t expect fireworks from AOL Time Warner on Wednesday, when the media giant repor… Read more »

Yahoo and AOL: Reversal of Fortunes: The past two years have seen a dramatic reversal of fortunes for Internet bellwethers AOL Time Warner a… Read more »

Five Reasons Why AOL’s Glory Days Are In the Rearview Mirror: John Ellis examines the reasons why AOL still doesn’t get it. Read more »

AOL Needs Stonger Central Management to Drive Subscription Strategy: That’s the opinion of Ken Auletta, the media columnist for the New York… Read more »

The Pathfinder Redux: Michael Wolff elaborates on what I had earlier dubbed the “revenge of Pathfinder”.
“This service, which started in th… Read more »

AOL Begins Integrating Times’ Content: Ned Desmond, currently president of the company’s Business 2.0 magazine, has been chosen to oversee t… Read more »

Why AOL Shouldn’t Restrict Time Inc.’s Content: A cogent argument from David Kirkpatrick on the mistake AOL is making in restricting Time In… Read more »

AOL Needs to Avoid the Pathfinder’s Mistakes: “But AOL better be careful not to fall prey to the Pathfinder Way: It needs to keep its titles… Read more »

Is AOL Time Warner Just a Three-Headed Monster?: An analysis story focusing on the UK market, on AOL’s new strategy. “Although the company’s… Read more »

AOL to Offer Exclusive Time, CNN Features: America Online Internet service will offer exclusive features from its magazines and CNN news cha… Read more »

Time Inc’s Online Content Might Be Walled Off on AOL: Call it the “revenge of Pathfinder”. According to this story in WSJ, America Online an… Read more »

Will Pre-Paid Internet Cards Be a Precursor to Pre-Paid Site Access Cards?: The story doesn’t say so, but this will be happening in the near… Read more »

AOL Set To Unveil New Content Strategy: In a presentation to investors, AOL Time Warner hopes to present its new strategy for AOL: new conte… Read more »

AOL TV?: AOL’s taking its cues from TV: “AOL’s facelift is being engineered by a new leadership team that came out of television and radio.… Read more »

Will Exclusive Entertainment Content be AOL’s Savior: America Online is going back to its original startegy: Borrowing a page from the broad… Read more »

AOL Still Bullish On Premium Services: America Online still plans to launch a bevy of premium services–the original plans started when AOL… Read more »

Movielink Hires Top Execs. for On-Demand Service: Movielink, the much delayed video-on-demand service, has hired three top executives. Movie… Read more »

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