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So goes the rumors online, that Canadian telco Rogers will be offering iPhone when it launches there. Apparently will be the exclusive provi… Read more »

Considerable coverage today about Norway, joined by consumer groups in Germany and France, putting the pressure on Apple to embrace interope… Read more »

Apple posted some pretty good results but they weren’t as good as analysts were expecting, and EasyBourse is using that to look at whether t… Read more »

I asked how big a splash the iPhone would make, and the LA Times gives the Japanese reaction, which is barely a ripple. The article points o… Read more »

Two days after Apple took the wraps off its much-anticipated iPhone, industry reaction continues to dominate the headlines. Reuters reports… Read more »

Walt’s short video review is below:

His column is here: “if you’re in the market for a smart phone and can afford $499, you might want to… Read more »

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