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He was on ABC’s news show Nightline last night..the 5 minute segment on YouTube (NSDQ: GOOG) below:

Also, a good detailed interview with… Read more »

Bob Lesfetz, among the best music industry analysts out there (famous for his cranky yet incisive writings in The Lefsetz Letter”) sent out… Read more »

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Larry Dignan has a good post on SeekingAlpha about the wider implications of iPhone on the mobile market…winners are easy to figure out: a… Read more »

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Apple has launched a comprehensive information sub-site on the iPhone, here.
The full releases are here and here. Read more »

An iPhone has launched. However, it’s not from Apple, but from Linksys. “Gadgets launched under the iPhone brand include a couple of wifi-en… Read more »

Michael Kanellos at CNet has given a nice contrarian view about any potential iTunes enabled phone which may be in the works… He raises a… Read more »

For those who are waiting, there’s a claim that Apple has already started manufacturing the iPhone. “This morning, Prudential’s Jesse Tortor… Read more »

The biggest holdout in digital music is coming to digital stores soon, as I reported earlier last month in my interview with David Munns, CE… Read more »

So says some new research by Nielsen Media Research, and it says that audio is more popular than video, which is of course an obvious thing… Read more »

Forbes quoted (what I think is a Taiwanese) newspaper Commercial Times about “industry sources” claiming that “Hon Hai Precision Industry Co… Read more »

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