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iPods are cool and useful, but the fifth anniversary of the digital music player is getting an enormous hype party — the full cultural mile… Read more »

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Steve Jobs has admitted that he knew of “a few instances” when Apple’s stock options were being backdated by employees. The three-month inte… Read more »

In a past life, a colleague showed me an arts project they’d worked on that involved sending a daily poem to people’s mobiles for a small su… Read more »

The DRM-buster DVD Jon is at it again: after a short stint at founder Michael Robertson’s various ventures, he has reverse-engineere… Read more »

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The offical retail details are out on first-gen Zune … It’ll cost $249, as expected. If you want to spend more, the press release promises… Read more »

Apparently the latest update to iTunes (v7.0.1) has “buttloads of mobile phone mentions”. Code samples are given on the page… Read more »

The royal audience, I mean press conference, is underway in San Francisco. Wish I could be there in person but am attending vicariously whil… Read more »

Ah, it’s been a while since there was a good iPhone rumor…American Technology Research is encouraging investors to buy Apple shares. “Our… Read more »

So what if Google will not launch its own music service…its CEO is now on the board of the biggest digital music/media company around: App… Read more »

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