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French lawmakers have given final approval to the “iTunes law” that could force Apple to make iPod and iTunes store compatible with rivals’… Read more »

Variety has a long story about how Steve Jobs learned to work with Hollywood, and vice-versa, and the long term implications of the relation… Read more »

Music, audio and video podcasts, silent text podcasts, and more recently, Apple has started to offer magazine PDF downloads as well….at le… Read more »

I am not sure this would happen as smoothly as this B2.0 story on commerce/rights vendor Navio makes it out to be…but at least now we know… Read more »

We mentioned a Nikkei story this weekend about a possible Apple iPod phone tie-up with Softbank. It is being denied now by Softbank…oh wel… Read more »

I’m getting pretty tired of the speculation surrounding a possible iPhone (the latest being a deluge of articles based on a report in Nikkei… Read more »

So says Japanese news agency Nikkei, picked up by Reuters (the original story is here on Nikkei website, but behind subscription wall): Japa… Read more »

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