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Updated:Lost in the shuffle (no pun intended) of the fuss over Intel, duriong his keynote to developers today, Steve Jobs also showed off th… Read more »

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Steve Jobs told attendees at the Wall Street Journal’s “D: All Things Digital” conference Sunday night that the next version of Apple’s iTun… Read more »

What if the immediate idea behind iTunes video enabled in version 4.8 is personal media management? Apple doesn’t want to give up ground as… Read more »

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According to The Courier Mail, a major record company is holding out and Apple has had to cancel an ad buy and postpone what was to have bee… Read more »

The mobile industry is keen to move into the portable music player market, and in the process own it. However it’s not that simple… “The p… Read more »

Apple have published a QuickTime presentation of the presentation by Frank Casanova at the CTIA – Wireless conference. Casanova’s presentat… Read more »

Apple has rolled out a new iPod that allows users to view and share photos, a dramatic expansion that takes the most popular digital music p… Read more »

Rumors on this surfaced earlier today and is confirming it…the U2 edition of iPod will come preloaded with the band’s new album… Read more »

“If Apple licenses FairPlay, it could sacrifice some sales and profits from its iPod line in the near term. But over the long haul, sowing t… Read more »

Apple’s just reported its Q3 numbers: it had a net profit of $106 million, compared to a net profit of $44 million in the year-ago quarter.… Read more »

The Apple Computer versus Apple (TheBeatles) case is unlikely to see an out of court settlement, reports Macworld UK. “This will not end wi… Read more »

(sub. req.): An interesting story on the iPod trickle-through economy of products and services…(pick up the Playlist magazine if you want… Read more »

Apple has what it would need — including its ongoing transition to a services outfit — to make a “Macphone” network work…
“Apple could a… Read more »

The London-based Consumers’ Association has asked the Office of Fair Trading to investigate Apple claiming the company’s iTunes song shop is… Read more »

Ok, confusing, but The Beatles’ company, Apple Corps may be in for a huge legal settlement with Apple Computer, reports Daily Variety…Some… Read more »

An explosive story..well, would have been. Apple CEO Steve Jobs offered Nobuyuki Idei, CEO of Sony Corp., the chance for Sony to come aboard… Read more »

Apple will offer commissions to third-party sites that drive customers to its iTunes online music store…Napster and MusicMatch already do… Read more »

HP has formally launched the iPod…here’re the details on its own site…
Some more details here and here… Read more »

An article which hits it dot on: “Real is waging a grassroots battle where there is no grass. Apple is not Microsoft. There is no sense of o… Read more »

Apple is looking for two iPod hardware engineers both with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi experience, opening the possibility that the portable music p… Read more »

You think? “I kind of feel like Apple Computer is playing the same role on this that Bill O’Reilly played in ‘Fair and Balanced.’” Read more »

(via Rexblog) Apparently, the Apple hammer extends beyond iTunes. Mac Publishing, the owner of Macworld magazine, has changed its plans to l… Read more »

It’s all about controlling music on cellphone, the conspiracy theorist (I use that term loosely, so relax) John Dvorak writes. If billions c… Read more »

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