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(via Slashdot): Well, someone had the guts to utter something which would border on blasphemy right now: the iPod is going to go away. “Eve… Read more »

Well, watch out for how the RealNetworks-Apple spat is playing out in the media and the blogosphere: it is a PR case study on how a brand so… Read more »

(Updated: see below) Well, the Apple-RealNetworks Harmony controversy has blown up and I’ll be documenting it in almost real time time (no p… Read more »

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A convoluted and unclear case for why RealNetworks’ attempt to open up the iPod (through its Harmony software technology) should be thwarted… Read more »

Apple has signed on the indies for UK…it has signed deals with three of the UK’s largest independent labels, partly ending a licensing spa… Read more »

Digital media companies are beginning to court the universities with some ferocity: As part of a pilot program, Duke University has teamed u… Read more »

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An Apple love fest from Newsweek…iPod is on the cover of the latest issue, to hit stands today.
The company also announced a new version o… Read more »

Funny this: IDG, the company behind Macworld and more than 300 other publications, will soon launch iPodworld — a magazine dedicated to App… Read more »

(via A Copyfighter’s Musings): () The Berkman Center’s Digitial Media Project at Harvard has released a new study by it students, which cons… Read more »

Apple iTunes, which was launched in Britain, France and Germany last week, will have a Europewide version of iTunes by October, after it rea… Read more »

On licensing negotiations in Europe: “On other services, every song has a different set of rights attached to it. We didn’t want that. The u… Read more »

This analysis follows iTunes’ launch in UK, France and Germany earlier today…it says Apple will have a tougher time than it has had in U.S… Read more »

And Macworld has some ecstatic coverage of the press junket announcing the launch. It has been launched in UK, France and Germany, with pric… Read more »

At a news conference in London, at 11 AM GMT, where Steve Jobs is expected to show up…
Expect Macworld UK to do some great blogging/live c… Read more »

Apple CEO Steve Jobs, the first rock star of the technology business, sat down with Walt Mossberg to talk about the computer company’s succe… Read more »

Apple announced that QuickTime 6, its digital media software, has surpassed the 250-million download mark since that version was released tw… Read more »

Simple: Rethink subscriptions. “To stare down a raft of new music players, Apple needs to broaden its product line. It should consider formi… Read more »

For Q1, Apple earned $46 million, on revenues of $1.91 billion. That compares with earnings of $14 million, on revenues of $1.48 billion for… Read more »

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