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As rivals multiply, Jobs & Co. will make more money from its music site and iPods if all the industry’s rival players can share its software… Read more »

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HP is expected to begin bundling Apple’s iTunes digital-jukebox software with its consumer machines by the end of March.
– The Rea… Read more »

Alex Salkever thinks that Virgin’s cool factor may overwhelm Apple’s cool factor in the online music space…The honeymoon was nice while it… Read more »

The first real suing case among the legitimate music services: Rap superstar Eminem, who claims that he could fetch more than $10 million fo… Read more »

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In a first for legitmate music service, iTunes has started selling live concert recording from jam band Widespread Panic…the band’s year-e… Read more »

If it happens worldwide, it will be a huge boost to Quicktime and Apple…Yahoo will use Singapore as the testbed for a new Yahoo service wh… Read more »

Yep, and I want to hire John Battelle to run my ship…whatever, dude… Read more »

Apple Computer reported a 36 percent jump in revenue in its first quarter, beating analyst expectations. “It was an outstanding quarter for… Read more »

Hewlett-Packard said Thursday it will start selling an HP-branded version of Apple Computer’s iPod this summer as part of a broad expansion… Read more »

The Macworld magazine is running a live coverage of Steve Jobs’ keynote happening right now at Macworld Expo San Francisco. (There’s a live… Read more »

America Online launched its anticipated deal to offer Apple’s iTunes…AOL will sell original music from its Sessions@AOL and Broadband Rock… Read more »

Apple has released a new version of its QuickTime multimedia software, adding support for the creation, delivery and playback of video over… Read more »

USA Today lists the reasons, and how competitors have not been able to keep up. Some interesting admissions on Apple’s superiority by compet… Read more »

More praise heaped on Apple: Ad Age has named Apple as its “Marketer of the Year” for 2003…
Also read Scott Donaton’s editorial, “Apple’s… Read more »

Music fans have purchased more than 25 million songs from Apple’s iTunes Music Store…Apple also said that more than $1 million of iTunes o… Read more »

That’s the best analogy Jobs could come up with? I prefer: “Apple is the new MTV”.
He was talking to analysts yesterday. He said that SoundS… Read more »

Apple’s applications marketing chief Peter Lowe has urged PC manufacturers to bundle iTunes for Windows with off-the-shelf PCs…. Read more »

Tech guru Tim O’Reilly cites Apple’s iTunes Music Store as an example of how the company is leading a revolution in Net-enabled software…h… Read more »

Apple Computer said it has released an updated version of its iTunes program intended to fix bugs encountered by some Windows users. Read more »

iTunes for Windows has been downloaded over a million times since its launch on Thursday…in the same period over one million songs have be… Read more »

In case you were in hibernation, here’s what happened today: Apple unveiled the Windows version of its iTunes music service…the new jukebo… Read more »

So the deal is with AOL Broadband…who wants to download music on a dial-up anyway? Hence the ramifications may not be as widespread as I i… Read more »

After the dot-com collapse, most Mac sites are struggling to pay their bills…”It presents an unsettling dilemma for Mac users fond of gett… Read more »

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