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Apple will not launch its iTunes music service in Europe this year…”We’re clearly working on it (but) I think we’ll do it next year,” Stev… Read more »

According to this Newsweek story, Apple has moved up the date for expanding its current Mac-only iTunes for the vast universe of Windows-bas… Read more »

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eBay on Thursday canceled an auction that sought to resell a music download that was purchased through Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store,… Read more »

Apple’s iTunes service does use DRM technology — for example, users may not e-mail downloaded music files to unlimited numbers of other use… Read more »

Creative culture, killer products, zealous fans, and Steve Jobs. Memo to Sony: Bite! “Fact is, [Sony's] Idei needs a bold stroke, or his day… Read more »

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“An Apple Movie Store…could serve as role model and test bed for selling legal digital video over the Internet [much like iTunes]….The k… Read more »

Some stir: Apple may have plans to extend its successful iTunes Music Store concept to sell films online, according to Bloomberg reporting o… Read more »

Apple’s music subscription service iTunes will not be rolled out in Europe until next year, due to disputes between record companies and the… Read more »

“Since record companies are desperate for new means of distribution, shouldn’t they be looking for access to the iPod rather than just iTune… Read more »

Apple has sold 3.5 million songs since it launched its iTunes music store at the end of April. The computer manufacturer is selling about 50… Read more »

On Thursday, programmer James Speth released a hastily written piece of software called 401(ok) that restores Net-wide music streaming to iT… Read more »

On Apple’s dilemma on not being able to get into music business because of Beatles…”It’s clear that Apple wants into the music business so… Read more » may seek partners such as Apple Computer and song distributor MusicNet for help in starting an online music service, according to… Read more »

“Apple is the new MTV,” said Numair Faraz, 18, who has started several online service companies. “It is the new funnel for music. When thing… Read more »

Apple Computer has limited a music-sharing feature from the latest version of iTunes after some Mac owners used it to swap songs over the In… Read more »

A promising new set of chips, a possible Quark version for OS X, a surge in online advertising, and a new music store could goose sales — a… Read more »

“The [Apple] service feels like half a loaf–it only begins to offer the music experience that is possible with the Internet….I’m talking… Read more »

Apple is negotiating with major European record labels to launch a version of its hugely successful iTunes online music download store befor… Read more »

“His next step would be to apply Apple’s design elegance and create an “iTV” device that integrates with Macintosh OS X, the Internet, and y… Read more »

Apple is pulling [micropayments mechanism] off using the traditional credit card system. Everyone knows your profit margin is eaten alive in… Read more », the spoken/downloadable audio subscription service, is now available to all users of Apple’s new iPod digital audio players. Read more »

The Apple’s subscription music service, which went live Monday, sold an estimated 275,000 tracks at 99 cents apiece in its first 18 hours, a… Read more »

Apple Computer’s new music service could help shift the battle to control digital media away from Microsoft’s proprietary file formats, acco… Read more »

“According to academics who’ve studied the economics of digital music distribution, the cost still seems too high to attract users of peer-t… Read more »

David Pogue of NYT reviews the new music service: “Among the Music Store’s many grace notes and pleasant surprises, the most amazing is the… Read more »

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