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Fortune Magazine (via CNN Money) has a rumors-are-rife story that Nokia (NYSE:NOK) is planning an online music service to rival iTunes. Whil… Read more »

T-Mobile Germany put up a page on the iPhone, and although they took it down quickly there’s still screencap evidence… Of course, this is… Read more »

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Just came out of an evening mini-conference on mobile music here in London, called Mobile Music Now! (Readers: the exclamation point is part… Read more »

Everyone and their mother-in-law is reporting that European operator O2, owned by Spanish telecom giant Telefonica, is close to clinching th… Read more »

A few days into iPhone ownership at this point and my first take still holds: very cool, very limited. Then again, it’s designed to be way c… Read more »

Craigslist is full of them…below is a “real”ad:

“We have line waiters in every major city, for iPhone, X-box, iPod, Zune, SPS, Video Game… Read more »

AT&T’s new CEO Randall Stephenson has put the companies mobile phone service at the core of its offerings. “Your wireless phone is your firs… Read more »

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