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This is a great little story…Reuters has an article on how Apple is using the media to promote its iPhone product — with the ironic resul… Read more »

Apple has managed to keep the buzz on its iPhone going by offering a tidbit on YouTube. It’s popped up on the Apple site and been reported o… Read more »

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Professional contrarian John Heilemann has a cover story about Steve Jobs in the latest issue of New York Magazine, and tackles the “realit… Read more »

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As the launch of the iPhone draws near the stories on it haven’t let up. The Wall Street Journal has a piece on mobile phones that are (or w… Read more »

Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC has launched a touch-screen phone (HTC Touch) which uses an Microsoft OS and, naturally, is being reporte… Read more »

AllThingsD, which has done a great job blogging its own conference, has put up video part one of the rare Bill Gates and Steve Jobs joint se… Read more »

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are coming on stage for the first time in a joint interview at the D Conference. Pics here.
Gates: First thing I w… Read more »

Steve Jobs, speaking at D conference, announced that YouTube is now embedded into the AppleTV interface and works off a live Internet connec… Read more »

– What business is Apple in: We are in two businesses: Mac business and music business…each of them are about $10 billion each. The third… Read more »

Yesterday Verizon COO Denny Strigl was reported as saying that the telco was working on a “very good response” to the iPhone, and now The St… Read more »

Interest in iPhone is high, but will that translate into stellar sales when the device hits the market? Not likely, according to El Reg. Quo… Read more »

AT&T has stepped up its efforts to rebrand Cingular as AT&T Wireless in anticipation of the upcoming iPhone launch. “The iPhone is one of th… Read more »

The FCC has approved Apple’s upcoming iPhone, which is due for launch in June. The FCC confirms what we knew, but adds that the phone will o… Read more »

Apple plans to roll out “new software features and entirely new applications” for the iPhone over time, said Chief Financial Officer Peter O… Read more »

More than anything else (increased ARPU, music sales etc) AT&T is hoping that the iPhone will attract customers from other carriers and redu… Read more »

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