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There’s quite a few stories around quoting analysts as saying that AT&T Wireless’ plan to market the iPhone to enterprises is misguided, but… Read more »

Cisco Chief Development Officer Charlie Giancarlo has said that the company is working with Apple on “exploring a half-dozen ways their prod… Read more »

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Sling Media CEO Blake Krikorian has apparently spoken to Apple about streaming iTunes music and video to the upcoming iPhone, although Apple… Read more »

Yes, iPhone will be on target, launching end of June, said AT&T COO Randall Stephenson today…there had been some speculation recently that… Read more »

Apple has released a statement that the next iteration of its OS, Leopard, will be delayed from June until October. The cause is the iPhone,… Read more »

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Cingular has confirmed that the iPhone will be launched on June 11, the first day of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, reports Gadget… Read more »

The Guardian has a story covering the two rumors-de-jour, the iPhone and Google phone. While Google is downplaying any plans to launch its o… Read more »

Reuters reports EU consumer chief Meglena Kuneva has criticized Apple’s practice of bundling of its iPod music players and its iTunes online… Read more »

Apple has dismissed critics who claim that $499 is too much for a mobile phone, reports The Seattle Times. The argument appears to be that p… Read more »

Apple’s TV solution to let people play computer video on TV sets — originally due out in February — has been delayed until mid-March, repo… Read more »

Compete Inc has issued the results of a survey showing that 26 percent of respondents said they are likely to buy an iPhone, but only one pe… Read more »

This video on YouTube puts forward a convincing argument for Apple to sell ringtones for its iPhone…the most convincing part is the inclus… Read more »

The backstory of how iPhone came together, though the Time magazine story was much better. This one from WSJ gets lost in “people familiar w… Read more »

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