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(By Peter Krasilovsky): South Koreans are the first to be able to view video on demand on their cell phones, although rates are high at $60… Read more »

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(sub. req.): Or is it just a fat pipe dream? FT writers look at the experience of the Asian market, where usage is growing fast. “The eviden… Read more »

The 20th “OhMyGod!” story on OhMyNews…The pioneering South Korean news site posts hundreds of stories every day — most are written by hou… Read more »

(Subscription required) George Gilder rears his head again…”At the moment, struggling with RealPlayer and RealOne, I conclude that streami… Read more »

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Through a mix of cultural and technological forces, Lineage and other “massively multiplayer” online games–MMOGs for short–have gripped th… Read more »

A milestone for the wireless content industry: South Korea has adopted Sun Microsystem’s Java platform for a new wireless Internet standard.… Read more »

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