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The Wall Street Journal (reg required) is reporting that Alltel is shopping around for buyers, although interest has so far been lukewarm. R… Read more »

Apple has dismissed critics who claim that $499 is too much for a mobile phone, reports The Seattle Times. The argument appears to be that p… Read more »

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Bob Lesfetz, among the best music industry analysts out there (famous for his cranky yet incisive writings in The Lefsetz Letter”) sent out… Read more »

Larry Dignan has a good post on SeekingAlpha about the wider implications of iPhone on the mobile market…winners are easy to figure out: a… Read more »

Now that it has completed the $86 billion purchase of BellSouth, AT&T is looking to solidify its status as the telecom king of the hill by m… Read more »

Cingular plans to unveil a new service at CES which will allow callers to send live video streams to other Cingular customers. If two people… Read more »

NBC has put its seminal comedy variety show Saturday Night Live on mobile, Cingular handsets, marking the first time SNL content has been ma… Read more »

Reuters has a summary piece on mobile music, concluding that “once Cingular adds over-the-air downloading, expected early next year, the tru… Read more »

Cingular, the largest mobile operator in U.S., recently filed for a trademark for “Cingular Cellular Video” with USPTO…sounds very generic… Read more »

Cingular has launched prepaid ringtone cards, dubbed Tone Cards, which can be bought over Cingular phones, through retail locations or throu… Read more »

Telephia has issued a report indicating that “more than 2,000 mobile video titles are available to Cingular, Sprint and Verizon Wireless sub… Read more »

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