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Telephia has issued a report indicating that “more than 2,000 mobile video titles are available to Cingular, Sprint and Verizon Wireless sub… Read more »

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AT&T executive vice president of entertainment, Scott Helbing, who is responsible for acquiring programming content for AT&T’s new video ser… Read more »

BellSouth has filed what is probably its last financial report before it is swallowed by AT&T, showing some pretty good results. “For the th… Read more »

Cingular and Rave Wireless are teaming up to offer special content and services to students at colleges and universities. The pilot project… Read more »

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Cingular has signed up Melodeo to offer podcasts to its customers. The Mobilcast will cost Cingular customers $4.99 per month to access a ca… Read more »

YouTube is teaming up with major marketing and media partners for a competition to discover the most talented unsigned bands on its site, wi… Read more »

U.S. radio giant Clear Channel Radio has announced the launch of its mobile effort, starting with the streaming of New York station WHTZ-FM… Read more »

Just to keep up, Cingular has qualified to participate in the FCC spectrum auction. There are other qualified companies listed at the bottom… Read more »

HBO has produced a special mobile mini-series based on the show Entourage that “will follow one story line based on “Entourage” character Jo… Read more »

Cingular Wireless is the official wireless sponsor of Vans Warped Tour 2006, and it’s not getting just brand recognition for the sponsorship… Read more »

This is a comprehensive review of the current state of mobile TV/video in the US. According to the review, despite the differences between t… Read more »

Cingular has signed up with Warner Music for a series of Answertones (which people hear when they call you instead of the ring-ring noise) w… Read more »

Ridiculous, but could work, and have been around in some shape or form from other companies as well: Motorola has launched “Phone Tattoos” f… Read more »

Facebook is expanding its mobile offering, having just finished building a WAP portal that will provide a mobile experience closer to that f… Read more »

Updated: read below: Wow, what an original concept…selling ringtones of bands. Only this is MySpace. Cingular hopes the service will boost… Read more »

Hearst Publications has launched mobile sites for Cosmopolitan, CosmoGIRL! and Seventeen…the sites are available on the portals Cingular a… Read more »

Games info site IGN has launched a mobile version of its site at IGN is a pretty significant games site which claims more th… Read more »

Mobile social networking service Rabble has managed to get its service onto Cingular (it is already on Verizon) and so now reaches half of t… Read more »

Mobile video services from three US carriers (Cingular, Sprint, Verizon) have been compared and found wanting. Although Sprint was judged th… Read more »

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