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BBC plans to accelerate plans to broadcast programmes and entire channels on the internet and on mobile phones, using po… Read more »

The BBC has released more details for the local TV news pilot service due to start in the West Midlands during December. The pilot will run… Read more »

In UK, BBC is experimenting with a DVR that can store the entire output of free-to-air TV for a week or more. The project, codenamed Pandora… Read more »

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The BBC World Service is launching its first online soap opera to help listeners learn English. The Flatmates, a drama about a group of mult… Read more »

Not exactly my dream, but still some way towards it: The BBC is to sell its programmes to overseas viewers over the Internet and may also ta… Read more »

Lots of glee and some dashed hopes as the Webby winners are announced. The BCC won four awards, including best news site; Guardian Unlimited… Read more »

The BBC has caved-in to government recommendations that it should outsource more of its online output to the commercial sector, while creati… Read more »

The BBC continues to experiment and innovate online. The latest twist — a dictionary program that translates words as the user moves the cu… Read more »

I mentioned this speech by BBC director of new media and technology Ashley Highfield…this is the full text of the speech. Some high-faluti… Read more »

An analysis of the upcoming cuts at BBC, including major ones at its online unit, and its effects…The way that things are going, it looks… Read more »

Delivering the keynote speech at the Broadband Britain Summit, BBC director of new media and technology Ashley Highfield predicted a new era… Read more »

BBC bosses are considering shedding jobs at BBC News Online in an effort to cut costs…the online division could lose some of its 200 newsd… Read more »

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