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In UK, BCC is conducting tests on a service allowing licence holders to download or store the BBC schedule on a weekly basis so they can cho… Read more »

I’ve written about this before: BBC’s ambitious project to put its archives online (the Creative Archives project) is now a sorry excuse for… Read more »

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In a rather remarkable move, UK’s media regulator Ofcom has suggested setting up a new public service broadcaster (PSB), with a budget of 30… Read more »

BBC has jumped into the news aggregation game: well, sorta. It is linking to other stories on the Web..big step…well…
It is automated: “… Read more »

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BBC has invited Time Warner, Bertelsmann and Walt Disney to discuss possible bids for BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s commercial sales and… Read more »

A long and interesting interview with Ashley Highfield, Director of New Media & Technology at BBC, on a wide variety of topics: broadband in… Read more »

(reg. req.) Throw tons of public money, and what do you get? A BBC gizmo called the interactive Media Player that will allow license-fee pay… Read more »

Well, it is here, but you can’t watch it if you’re outside UK. Interesting experiment with multicasting, though…
As it says, “Multicast is… Read more »

BBC has made a clarification (no doubt due to rights issues) on its plans for putting its archives online: it will not allow users to record… Read more »

A continuation of BBC’s technology moves in putting its video content online…this time an interview with Paul Cheesbrough, BBC head of tec… Read more »

Part 1 of a series on engineers studying the feasibility of putting the humongous BBC archive online.
Storage is…not the only technical i… Read more »

Part 3 of a series on engineers studying the feasibility of putting the humongous BBC archive online.
This is on BBC’s open-source video co… Read more »

Part 2 of a series on engineers studying the feasibility of putting the humongous BBC archive online.
This is on the importance of metadata… Read more »

The 50th story on how BBC is planning to cover Olympics online, with broadband playing a major part…The BBC sports site offers live covera… Read more »

BBC’s news site,, will be promoted in U.S…ad agency Agency Republic has been hired by the BBC World Service.
The agency won th… Read more »

BBC’s vows to digitize all their programs and fully switch over to digital terrestrial TV by 2012, in an effort to make these programs avail… Read more »

BBC plans to digitize its entire production process by 2010 and expects to cut costs by more than 10 per cent as result.
Meanwhile, BBC has… Read more »

(reg. req.): BBC new media director Ashley Highfield has revealed that the corporation could launch its own low cost broadband service, just… Read more »

The BBC board of governors has said that the Corporation needs to address the fact that the number of people using its interactive TV servic… Read more »

(reg. req.): Following the Graf report yesterday, BBC is to radically cut back on plans to develop services for mobile phones and handheld c… Read more »

As part of the BBC Online’s review, the govt. also commissioned a study on the future trends in online content market in UK, and how these w… Read more »

This BBC story is certainly spoiling my holiday today…more BBC websites may be closed after the whole internal review process is over, BBC… Read more »

Historical footage from the BBC and CBS news archives has gone online for the first time. The BBC Motion Gallery will provide direct access… Read more »

The BBC has won the online rights to cover the 2010 Winter Olympics and 2012 Games, as it prepares to offer live broadband coverage of the A… Read more »

A story on the open-source video encoding technology Dirac, which has come out of BBC’s R&D labs. BBC boasts that the new approach to high-q… Read more »

Read the first line twice…nature programming. Yeah, we got punked, for now. By the BBC and their lawyers, that is. As I wrote about the Cr… Read more »

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