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The much-awaited BBC Online’s review reprot by UK’s Department of Culture Media and Sport may be coming out in the next few weeks, finally,… Read more »

Mike Smartt, the man who founded the BBC news website, has received an Order of British Empire (OBE) from the British royalty.. Read more »

(reg. req.) Will the BBC’s Olympic webcasts revolutionise the way we watch sport on TV? And can they tempt us to buy broadband?
Andrew Thomp… Read more »

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BBC will begin streaming all forty of its local radio stations on the Internet later this year. Until now local radio stations were not part… Read more »

BBC Scotland is to trial the use of broadband and digital technology to deliver more local news in a shake-up of the corporation’s activitie… Read more »

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Just two years after an expensive relaunch of its website, with a unified BBCi brand across the web and interactive TV, the corporation is p… Read more »

The head of BBC Technology has been sacked over “misuse of hospitality” used for entertaining clients of one of the corporation’s commercial… Read more »

Here’s one thing I am worried about: if the rival commercial services keep attacking BBC’s online services in their own forums, the 800-poun… Read more »

The BBC is planning to sell its technology arm, whose sale would net the corporation tens of millions of pounds and would save up to £300m… Read more »

Movielink, the online movie service, is getting the expansion itch…from just being about movies, it is now positioning itself as @the broa… Read more »

An incredibly naive essay by Danny O’Brien on BBC’s Creative Archives…and two months too late… Read more »

Hugo Drayton, managing director of Hollinger Telegraph New Media, and the chairman of British Internet Publishers’ Alliance: [Talking about… Read more »

Will Creative Archives prove to be a dud? It may…right now it is vaporware, for most part. At a panel at the “Content Matters” conference… Read more »

Commercial media companies in UK are to ask the Government for tough restrictions to be placed on the BBC’s internet activities, including a… Read more »

BBC has revealed that its plans to open up its archives online includes the use of peer-to-peer file sharing for the distribution of its pro… Read more »

“Let’s not crucify the BBC on the false altar of national unity and let’s not neuter BBCi on a simplistic view of consumer welfare… it wou… Read more »

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