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(In case you hadn’t noticed, I am doing blanket coverage of the BBC Online controversy, on two fronts: one is the review of BBC’s online spe… Read more »

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“Why isn’t the BBC worried about Napster-like file-sharing networks, when other media companies are screaming for the blood of the online pi… Read more »

“How much of the Beeb’s voluminous output could it really put online? It would be easy for the BBC to put its future programming online, but… Read more »

The Conservative party in UK would switch off a swath of the BBC’s digital services, including its website and the youth channel BBC3, if it… Read more »

BBC Story: An official review of the BBC’s online services will be conducted by former Trinity Mirror chief executive Philip Graf…The revi… Read more »

In an ambitious move bound to create a lot of controversy in UK, Greg Dyke, director general of the BBC announced plans to give the public f… Read more »

The BBC has submitted a robust defence of its online operations to the government ahead of an impending review, drawing on a newly commissio… Read more »

BBC has released RSS feeds of all its content online… a humongous 68 feeds in all, broken down by geography and area of interest. Every bi… Read more »

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BBC Worldwide and China’s largest website, have tied up that will enable Chinese mobile users to receive a topical daily e-mail fro… Read more »

Some of the BBC’s websites are likely to close as the corporation cuts back on its online investment. After several years of explosive growt… Read more »

BBC is extending its news text service to India’s 4 million mobile phone users, in a deal with mobile phone company Orange. BBC will provide… Read more »

(via TEoF): BBC Online may be considering charging for content from heavy users of its website. The online unit of the Beeb is a commercial… Read more »

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