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Synacor, the web content distribution firm which is targeting second tier ISPs with an alternative multi-media subscription service, has sec… Read more »

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“Executives of AOL, Yahoo,, and the Webcaster RealNetworks say that the hunger for up-to-the-minute news of troops on th… Read more »

“RealNetworks Inc., which transmits streaming audio and video for C-Span, ABC News, CBS News, and National Public Radio, said that its traff… Read more »

“Whether it’s luck or just savvy marketing, the debuts of streaming media services from ABC News and Yahoo! are well-timed…indeed every st… Read more »

I have been test driving two newly launched subscription video services: the’s ABC News Live (video file) 24-hour online channel… Read more »

The Reuters video service, which will go subscription from next week, will have a weekly and a monthly subscription option, a source at Reut… Read more »

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A good analysis on how this present conflict may mean mainstreaming of streaming news online, so to speak. And the conundrum of whether to c… Read more »

Not a very new idea: branded ISP have not gained much ground over the last five years or so. Celebrity branded ISPs such as the one launched… Read more »

A technical article on how and why streaming media has made its way into the mainstream, mainly from an enterprise perspective. But its nove… Read more »

Video Streams Grow 53 Percent in 2002: According to new research by AccuStream iMedia Research, total streams served increased by 52.3 perce… Read more »

MLB To Show Games Online, But Blacking Out Local Areas: Major League Baseball plans to Webcast nearly 1,000 games this season — but it will… Read more »

Tapping the Second-Tier ISP Market: Will Content Providers Bite?: Synacor tries to market premium third-party content to smaller ISPs…In s… Read more »

“ and nearly all the other major networks? Web sites charge fees to access their videos, and they can be unpleasant to watch unless y… Read more »

Synacor to Re-sell Online Multi-Media Premium Services: This is a major move: Synacor, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based technology firm, has emerged fr… Read more »

The DSL-TV Foundation in Netherland is to begin broadcasting six international channels – one Iraqi TV station, a Chinese station (CCTV9), B… Read more »

ISMA Forms Content Advisory Board: The Internet Streaming Media Alliance (ISMA), a non profit formed by Cisco, Apple, IBM, Kasenna, Philips,… Read more » to Inaugurate 2003 Season with Streaming: MLB Advanced Media, the interactive arm of Major League Baseball, announced yesterday that… Read more »

Radio Station WMVY and Music for Cubicles Offer Ad-free Online Pay Radio: WMVY, the legendary alternative radio station, and Music for Cubic… Read more »

The Complete Home Entertainer?: “Sony is pursuing the other big idea in the media giants’ growth strategy: vertical integration. But once ag… Read more »

This, I have to say, is a bit of a milestone. Sony’s is offering digital versions of two popular daytime programs over the Inte… Read more »

Swedish broadband provider Bredbandbolaget and SF Anytime have launched broadband cinema across Sweden. 120 movies and a large number of TV… Read more »

Acacia Media Technologies, a company owning broad patents that could affect virtually all companies streaming audio or video online, is goin… Read more »

TVTonic by Wavexpress may just be the solution broadband operators are seeking. A monthly subscription fee gives users access to high qualit… Read more »

Making Money with Streaming Media: A longish how-to article on using DRM systems to get revenues from your multi-media content. “What we do… Read more »

Will Peer-to-Peer Streaming Work for You?: “In one of the highest-volume P2P Internet radio deployments to date, Radio Free Virgin used Blue… Read more »

A patent claim with profound implications for the online content industry. A company called Acacia Media Technologies is claiming patents o… Read more »

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