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So says Alibaba CEO Jack Ma (who now own Yahoo’s China business)…this comes after Yahoo relaunched its Chinese home page last month, with… Read more »

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Chinese portal Sina said its profits in Q3 fell by a bigger-than-expected 37 percent due to ad costs to attract subscribers to a mobile phon… Read more »

Despite the slew of sites covering tech and digital media out of China, it is still very difficult to gets funding news from there (Pacfic E… Read more »

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China has become the hotbed of P2P streaming distribution of live TV signals, exposing the world’s pay-TV operators to the kind of online pi… Read more »

China’s biggest blog portal Bokee (fka BlogChina), has formally announced that it has received $10 million in venture funding in its first r… Read more »

(down the page): Yeelion, a Chinese personalized digital media startup, has received $0.8 million in first round of funding, according to an… Read more »

Marking the first distribution from Intel’s recently-created $200 million Intel Capital China Technology Fund, the company reported today th… Read more »

Tom Online, another one of the big online portal players in China, has reported flat profits for Q2. Its net income rose to $10.2 million fr… Read more »

The Yahoo-Alibaba deal has evoked a lot of reaction, both from analysts and the media, and some additional deal points:
– Xinhua: Ma Yun, C… Read more »

Yahoo’s possible tie-up with Alibaba might be announced later tonight, and that would certianly fuel the e-commerce potential of China. The… Read more »

Shanda Interactive, China’s top online game operator said its Q2 earnings rose. Its net income rose 58 percent to 223 million yuan ($26.9 mi… Read more »

According to Pacific Epoch, the earlier rumor of Yahoo buying into Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba getting more fuel: Alibaba will transf… Read more »

Sina, one of the big Chinese portal players, posted a 45 percent decline in its Q2 profits, as the company continued to diversify its revenu… Read more », China’s biggest Internet search engine which is partly-owned by Google (and has just filed for its IPO in U.S.), is being sued by… Read more »

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