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The story compares the Chinese online/digital media market with the Indian market, and based on raw numbers, China’s way ahead of the game,… Read more »

BlogChina, now called, the biggest blog portal in China, is raising $10 million in first round funding, as this interview with CEO… Read more »

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Baidu, the Chinese online search engine which filed for an IPO earlier this week (after some rumors that Google might be interested), with a… Read more »

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Time Warner CEO Richard Parsons says that AOL is looking to take its new AOL open-portal strategy outside of U.S. “We’ve been working with A… Read more »

The Chinese Internet services company reported a 24 percent jump in third-quarter earnings on higher revenue from advertising and mobile-rel… Read more »

Did Yahoo say it did not have portal ambitions in China? Well, thsi disproves it…it has formed a partnership with 12 Chinese companies to… Read more »

CNET Networks, which is set to report its Q3 earnings in 30 minutes, has bought out the assets of ZOL and Fengniao, which operate the… Read more »

A change in the portal supremacy in China? This story argues that Sohu and Netease would fall out of that Chinese net portal trinity, and it… Read more »

IDG will establish a new $150 million fund in China in the first quarter of 2005. IDG plans to invest US$2.5 billion in China by 2020…
It… Read more »

I doubt it..seems more like a rumor…
The Chinese language story here… Read more »

Two U.S.-based companies whose work centers on the Mainland Chinese marketplace are drilling down further into the converged wireless/wireli… Read more »

Tom Online, the Chinese internet portal controlled by tycoon Li Ka-shing, said on Tuesday it would not suffer as much as rivals from slowing… Read more »

TOM Online is a rising star in China’s Internet sector, challenging dominant portals Sina, and
TOM Online has received… Read more »

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