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(via LR) Not that it really significant, but interestign milestone nonetheless: more than one billion programs have been viewed on its VOD s… Read more »

(See our part I here) A detailed story on why Comcast needs to reinvent is companies like CBS trying to develop “cable bypass”,… Read more »

Keep in mind that Comcast has an existing relationship with AOL-parent Time Warner, on Adelphia, and that, on the surface, is going well.
Al… Read more »

Updated at 11:15 PM PST:
So says WSJ…Google and Comcast are in “serious discussions” to buy a minority stake in AOL. The stake is for the… Read more »

A very good story on how Comcast is pushing to collapse the video windows prevelant in the industry, of course, for the betterment of its se… Read more »

Comcast has struck a deal with the National Hockey League to stream NHL games live to its nearly 8 million high-speed Internet subscribers.… Read more »

This should be a big boost to the ITV industry…omcast is slated to begin a groundbreaking pilot launch of ITV services from several cable… Read more »

A surprisingly convincing argument by Will Richmond on why Comcast, which hasn’t really done anything big in online content, should be looki… Read more »

Sixty percent of Comcast’s 21.5 million subscribers are now VOD-ready, and in July those customers downloaded 50 million shows, up from 40 m… Read more »

Comcast’s VOD plans and its merger with search: very interesting: “How will the consumer navigate that array? We now are partnering with a n… Read more »

(sub. req.): An interview with Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast, folliwing the recent deal with Sony and others to acquire MGM.
“The Sony/MGM… Read more »

The joint machinery is beginning to move: Animax, AXN and Sony Entertainment TV (the latter two I’ve watched in India, and are very popular… Read more »

Comcast’s still smarting a bit form the failed Disney takeover attempt…but it is by no means moping over it. To maintain its edge over the… Read more »

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