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[By Carleen Hawn] I attended a conference session with Jon Alper, the Director of Technology and R&D at WGBH Interactive in Boston. (Alper Read more »

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Major marketers take note, as advertising bellwether Procter & Gamble unveils two social networking sites: one devoted to women and another… Read more »

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Fox channels will start airing Classmates from June 30, a show based and developed through The show will be a “half-hour str… Read more »

An Interesting Year Ahead for Online Community: Virtual communities have long been ticking over since the days of The Well, Tripod and Geoci… Read more » Makes Available WWI Draft Registration Cards, For a Price:, one of the biggest subscription websites–750,000 paid… Read more »

MatchLive To Bring Singles in NYC Together: Online dating site today announced the launch of, a new subscription-bas… Read more »

Will TEoF Go Paid?: In response to the story below, the End of Free weblog may be considering going charging to some the site down the line,… Read more »’s Stories to Be Made in TV Series: In what is perhaps a first for an online community site, Classmates Online, a personal net… Read more »

We’re Broke: The Economics of a Web Community: Kuro5hin, the uber-intellectual tech community site, is going through the survival pangs. So… Read more »

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