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Journalist B&W Laptop
photo: FuelYourWriting

We’re looking for an energetic and enterprising reporter to cover startups in Silicon Valley for GigaOM and paidContent. Sure, like any othe… Read more »

Shaking hands / deal / networking
photo: Shutterstock / shyshak roman

Yes, it’s true: We are joining GigaOM. And the combined group will be a powerhouse, with more than 20 writers and editors, a strong pr… Read more »

Tarot Card Reader
photo: Corbis / Ocean

Last week, the paidContent staff analyzed the sectors we cover most, highlighting the key people, companies and trends to watch in 2012. Som… Read more »

With the holidays upon us, this morning’s newsletter will be the last for 2011 — the next newsletter you receive will be on Jan. 3, 2012. B… Read more »

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I’m pleased to announce that Tom Krazit is our new Mobile Editor. Tom comes to us from CNET, where he covered various high-profile beats –… Read more »

Concert Audience - fans at a concert
photo: Corbis / Tim Tadder

You may have noticed that we’re now featuring (starting on the homepage and continuing inside) a series of lists highlighting popular conten… Read more »

Joseph Mullin

The digital era has created a whole new set of complex legal issues for publishers– from copyright to privacy to Net Neutrality — and how… Read more »