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(via PVRblog) Yep, not BitTorrent, as most of us expected, but on the age-old Usenet…Olympics coverage is being digitized and circulated t… Read more »

I have to post this…I would probably make this into a T-Shirt slogan as well, if it was shorter…
Norman Chad at The Chronicle has put it… Read more »

A review of Olympics coverage online, from, and others…”The Internet is good for getting results and learn… Read more »

Some facts and fiction on the online and wireless coverage of Olympics…
– Early signs that Games are web hot: You can’t be serious…
–… Read more »

Well, it is here, but you can’t watch it if you’re outside UK. Interesting experiment with multicasting, though…
As it says, “Multicast is… Read more »

Some Australian broadcast outlets have been forced to shut down their Internet radio broadcasting streams to avoid breaching the Internation… Read more »

The Web is worldwide, but that isn’t stopping Olympics officials from trying to set up regional boundaries. However, you may be able to watc… Read more »

The 50th story on how BBC is planning to cover Olympics online, with broadband playing a major part…The BBC sports site offers live covera… Read more »

Well, NBC’s trying hard… it has announced a series of partnerships and new interactive services it will use to help viewers navigate its p… Read more »

Well, another example of how Europeans are ahead on sports right online and on mobiles, than U.S. where rights holders want to control it to… Read more »

Some interesting projected figures for, for August, the month of the Olympics…
1,210 – Hours of Olympic broadcasts (televi… Read more »

In U.S.: “Provide downloadable video of all sports, regardless of whether or not they aired on TV.” Of course, it is not going to happen any… Read more »

Really? That’s news…
Anyway, NBC Universal Networks Group President Randy Falco: “I love wireless. I think that in the future people are g… Read more »

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