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(via Lost Remote) Well, balance is a slightly generous word, because TV networks and rights holders still want to tightly control online dis… Read more »

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A roundup of online coverage of the upcoming Olympics…including the official NBC site, the BBC Online’s coverage. Read more »

I am thinking of going to the Olympics for about a week, to cover technology’s affect on sports and sports coverage, focusing on things like… Read more »

A detailed interview with Rex Sorgatz, interactive director for IBS, about the challenges and innovations behind NBC’s newest site, NBCOlymp… Read more »

(reg. req.) Will the BBC’s Olympic webcasts revolutionise the way we watch sport on TV? And can they tempt us to buy broadband?
Andrew Thomp… Read more »

I’m starting a new category, “Digital Olympics”, covering the digital media-related aspects of the upcoming Olympics…this will be the firs… Read more »

(sub. req.): Thanks to a recent deal with Greek operator Cosmote, one of the main sponsors of the Olympic games, DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile inte… Read more »

Microsoft should go in for the kill with its SPOT watches, and focus on the Olympics, writes Joe Wilcox. “The Summer Olympics event is a gol… Read more »

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