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Visage Mobile
photo: Visage Mobile

Remember Visage Mobile? The San Francisco-based company was one of the unlucky few that got caught up in the MVNO heyday. Founded in 2001, V… Read more »

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Disney is planning another MVNO, this time in Japan according to the Nikkei business daily, reports Reuters. Not put off by two failures in… Read more »

Kid-targeting MVNO Kajeet is dangling a carrot for customers of the defunct Disney (NYSE: DIS) MVNO — a $50 airtime credit to all Disney Mo… Read more »

Disney (NYSE: DIS) MVNO lasted 15 months, and its history, in link (reverse chronological order):
– Disney MVNO: In Process of Evaluating
-… Read more »

Disney (NYSE: DIS) CFO Thomas Staggs spoke this morning at Merrill Lynch Media and Entertainment Conference in Marina Del Ray, and AlleyInsi… Read more »

RCR has some stats from Disney on the usage of its kids-and-parents focused MVNO service Disney Mobile. About 30 percent of the MVNO’s subsc… Read more »

Disney announced its Q3 results today, and not much details on mobile..some of them below: CFO Thomas Staggs said the investment in Disney M… Read more »

Disney Mobile, the MVNO started by Disney and aimed at kids and parents, may have been feeling some heat from MobileESPN’s closure, and is t… Read more »

Disney Mobile has announced a TV ad campaign run by SF-based BuderEngel and Friends. “The commercials target parents, highlighting the compr… Read more »

I managed to get the ML client report I mentioned last night, and I’ll report more later, but a quick one on Disney Mobile, the kids-MVNO…… Read more »

In this article on tracking cellphones (either via GPS or by base tower triangulation) there’s an interesting throw-away line…”In the U.S.… Read more »

The second MVNO service from Disney’s stable, Disney Mobile, is set to launch today at CTIA…we’ve covered the run up to the launch in some… Read more »