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(down the page) That’s according to an SEC filing, picked up by PE Week Wire…Peerflix, a small company making some waves with its DVD-swap… Read more »

The activity in the DVD standards market is at fever pace, with the two rival factions: HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray. Today, Forrester came out with a… Read more »

If by that they mean that he’ll sell the movies on his HD and other networks as DVDs, well, that is obviously yes. But anyway, would be inte… Read more »

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And high time they did…hopefully they’ll have some trickle down effect for online movie service. Robert Iger, CEO-elect of Disney, recentl… Read more »

The Blue-Ray vs HD-DVD divide is set now, with Universal Music Group, one of the top worldwide music labels, deciding to back Sony’s answer… Read more »

Bunch of DVD business related developments this week, including’s Germany launch and the eternal fight of HD-DVD vs Blue-Ray:
–… Read more »

Some DVD technology and business related stories over the last week:
– Microsoft Ties Up With Toshiba on HD-DVD: Toshiba, which backs the H… Read more »

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