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Airplane Sunset
photo: Flickr / kossy@finedays

Travel Ad Network, which, as its name implies, runs a travel-focused ad network, has raised $15 million in a third round of funding. The com… Read more »

Friends Shopping
photo: Corbis / Heide Benser

Women-oriented blog network Sugar Inc. has made another small acquisition. The company, which has been steadily diversifying its revenue bey… Read more »

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Happy crowd
photo: Special K Files

Eventbrite, which lets people set up pages to promote their events and also sell tickets, has raised $20 million in its fourth round of fund… Read more »

Boston Globe
photo: AP Photo/Elise Amendola

The Boston Globe will join its sister paper The New York Times in charging for access to some online content beginning next year. The newspa… Read more »

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photo: RelaXimages / Corbis

The latest harsh words in what appears to be an increasingly rocky relationship between and its 39 percent owner Yahoo: An Aliba… Read more »

PayPal screengrab
photo: Tech Writer Boy

PayPal is set to launch a new product specifically designed to facilitate micropayments — a move that could set it up as a more attractive… Read more »

Wedding Bouquet
photo: Events By Elaine

Weddings and related lifestyle company The Knot (NSDQ: KNOT) has long relied heavily on e-commerce in addition to revenues from its print an… Read more »

Funny money
photo: Material Boy

Google (NSDQ: GOOG) is set to make another not-so-small acquisition, this time for virtual currency company Jambool, TechcCrunch reports, ci… Read more »

Playboy Shadow

Playboy Enterprises (NYSE: PLA) posted slightly better-than-expected results in Q2, as company watchers continued to wonder about Playboy fo… Read more »


GlobalPost, the international news startup which has tried to establish “elite paid memberships” as a significant revenue stream — with onl… Read more »

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