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The Senior Analyst/Manager will work closely with senior management and cross-company leaders to evaluate and develop new Premium Services o… Read more »

As a Product Manager, you’ll work with partners and a world-beating team of in-house engineers, business development, sales, user interface,… Read more »

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Snapfish requires Vice President of Mobile Services…it is looking for an accomplished mobile executive to lead its expanding Mobile Servic… Read more »

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Official Florida County Site Offers Subscriptions:, the official website for local government services and information i… Read more » Delivers a Double Whammy: has started charging people to reply to potential suitors who send them an e-mail. Before the… Read more »

Cashing In On Connections: Despite dot-com meltdown, subscription sites are thriving by helping friends get back in touch with one another.… Read more »

IVillage Launches Book Series: In an attempt to shore up revenues from sources other than online advertising, iVillage (Nasdaq: IVIL) has la… Read more »

IVillage’s Quest for Revenues: This is probably the way to go for multi-interest, demographic-based sites: in order to subsidize its content… Read more »

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