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Some tips on things to consider while buying or selling your e-mail newsletter, with factors that can increase or decrease the valuation. Read more »

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How SmartBrief Launched a Profitable Email Newsletter Business: Another stellar case-study by ContentBiz, this time on SmartBrief. Read more »

Sun Scraps MySun E-mail Service: Not necessarily content news, but interesting since it involves the customized Sun portal, “My Sun” as well… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: The Demise of Media Unspun: In a Q&A with’s Jonathan Dube, Media Unspun publisher Jimmy Guterman says… Read more »

Can Slate Swoop up Media Unspun?: An enticing and perfectly logical thought, to say the least. Check out Media Unspun’s message board, on so… Read more »

Media Unspun to Suspend Publication: As I had predicted, (sort of, at least) Media Unspun, the new avatar of Industry Standard-owned Media G… Read more »

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Media Unspun Launches Paid Weblog: Media Unspun, the new avatar of Industry Standard-owned Media Grok, has launched a new subscribers-only w… Read more »

How to Sell E-mail Newsletter Subscriptions: An excellent wrap-up on how to sell subscriptions for e-mail newsletters (part of the “Email Ne… Read more »

Notice of Death (second item): ObitMessenger, a service by, takes the concept very literally: This new service searches the daily… Read more »

Death of Free E-mail: Call it the personal e-mail shakeout. Things are changing, but slowly. “So far surfers aren’t lining up to pay for the… Read more »

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